Why choose OHDS?

An Open-Hearted Community for Every Jewish Family
Our students and their families come from a wide range of Jewish affiliations and practices. We deeply believe that this diversity makes us stronger. And we believe that every Jewish child has the right to access the full depth and breadth of their beautiful Jewish heritage.

Academics That Build Strong Skills for High School and Beyond
By the time they graduate, OHDS students are truly ready for their next steps. They move on to excellent high schools and colleges in the U.S. and abroad (check out our alumni page!). Our graduates have a wealth of experience in deep critical thinking of every kind. They know how to work with others and they are impressively articulate in how they share their thoughts and express themselves creatively.
Educators Who Strive to Reach Every Student
Our job as educators is to really see our students, to figure out what gets them excited and give them the chance to build on their innate curiosity. We never stop working to find that spark for each child. That’s the joy of teaching!

Jewish Learning That's Empowering
The world of Jewish learning is so rich. It’s about our language. It’s about history. It’s about grappling with challenging texts and ethical questions. It’s about responsibility for our world. And it’s about feeling a sense of awe and gratitude and joy. When students get a chance to be part of an immersive Jewish learning experience they develop a deep feeling of ownership of who they are and they build true confidence that helps them go into the world with strength, clarity and an open-heart.