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Student Leadership

From the earliest age OHDS students begin to build a sense of confidence through the experience of leadership. Whether through daily routines such as prayer, participating in class presentations or by working with others to organize an event, each child grows in their ability to share their strengths with others.

Daily Prayer
As part of a regular classroom rotation, boys and girls take turns leading their peers in the morning songs and prayers of Tefillah time.
Public Speaking
Both within the classroom and as part of all-school assemblies students of all ages have the chance to build their confidence as they speak publicly, reading words they’ve written, sharing words of Torah or presenting their creative efforts
Students Promoting Leadership and Strengthening Heart is our version of student council. Students in 5th-8th grades apply to join the SPLASH team, meet weekly during lunch and work hard to plan initiatives that bring a feeling of connection and school spirit to the whole student body!
School-Wide Event Planning
Beginning in 5th grade, students have the chance to participate in planning and running important all-school events and assemblies.