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Peer Connections

Like all young people, OHDS students benefit from the chance to build connections with their peers, talk through challenging social dynamics and learn communication skills that support healthy relationships. Teachers, advisors and our friendship group facilitator all play a role in supporting healthy social development in our students including through:

Weekly Class Meetings
Lower school students meet weekly as a class with their teachers to play connection games, share feelings and discuss challenging dynamics as they work to learn to speak up, listen well, make sense of others’ feelings and find solutions to problems.
Middle School Advisory
Middle school students meet weekly with their faculty advisor in small mixed-grade groupings to connect, share thoughts and feelings, set personal goals and reflect on their growth.
Friendship Groups
Our experienced group facilitator is available to provide extra support for healthy group dynamics in biweekly sessions focused on giving added time to groups of students who may be going through developmentally typical struggles with peers.