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Judaic Studies

Winner of the 2014 Jewish Education Innovation Challenge grant, the OHDS Workshop-Based Beit Midrash program (WBBM) provides a unique Jewish learning environment for our middle school students.

Inspired by our deep desire to ignite a genuine love of learning in our students, the WBBM was created to nurture meaningful personal connections to Jewish learning within a differentiated student-centered setting. The WBBM reclaims the strengths of the traditional approach to Jewish learning, combining contemporary digital resources and inter-disciplinary collaboration, with the revolutionary goal of returning ownership and love of learning to the students.

Much like in high school or college, middle school Judaic Studies students are able to choose from a variety of classes based on interest while also fulfilling their “core requirements”. Students take mixed-age courses, giving them the chance to build connections with students across middle school grades. In addition to classes, WBBM students select independent study projects that allow them to explore areas of personal interest within Jewish studies. Students also benefit from opportunities to study with peer partners and to learn from guest teachers.

Each quarter a variety of classes are offered in the areas of Torah, Mishnah and Talmud study, Jewish history and culture, and Hebrew. Through these subjects, the WBBM aims to build strong text and language skills, collaboration skills, and independent learning skills. These are skills that help students prepare for life-long learning success!