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Experiential Learning

OHDS students have many opportunities to learn by doing. In addition to hands-on classroom learning activities, students benefit from regular participation in curriculum-aligned field trips, overnights, elective options, tinkering and learning through service to others.

Field Trips

Students across the grades, from K-8, have multiple opportunities each year to take part in engaging field trips that support their classroom learning in science, social studies, and Judaic Studies content.  Some of our most beloved field trips include:

  • Kindergarten visit to Ardenwood Farm for the butterfly migration
  • First grade physics at Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Second grade paleontology at UC Berkeley Paleontology Museum
  • Third grade visit to Angel Island to learn about immigration
  • Fourth grade hands-on social studies at Hacienda Peralta
  • Fifth grade visit to the Magnes Museum to explore Jewish cultural diversity
Beginning in 4th grade, OHDS students have the chance to deepen their learning through immersive overnight experiences including:
  • 4th Grade Gold Rush trip, 3 days, 2 nights
  • 5th Grade MOSAIC trip, 5 days, 4 nights
  • 6-8th Middle School Retreat, 3 days, 2 nights
  • 8th Grade Israel Trip, 2 weeks
Beginning in 3rd grade, students have the chance to explore areas of interest through a variety of weekly electives options. Typical elective options include:
  • 3-5th grade typical options: tinkering, yoga and music
  • 6th-8th grade typical options: art, sports, yearbook
Flex Lab
Located on the third floor and facilitated by our middle school science teacher, the OHDS Flex Lab provides students with the opportunity to engage in a variety of design-based learning experiences. Students might visit the flex lab with their class as an extension of classroom learning, participate in a flex lab elective or, as middle schoolers, they may use the flex lab to create Hebrew videos on the green screen or to pursue an independent project of their choosing.
Service Learning
Students across the grades engage in service learning projects that connect to thematic curriculum for their grade. The service learning cycle includes research, discussions, field trips and volunteer work as students learn and work to make a difference in their world.