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Character Development (Middot)

At OHDS we work hard to keep an open mind, to show we care and try our best. Students across the grades focus on strengthening the specific character traits that make up the 9 OHDS Middot. Through discussions, observations, stories and curriculum integration, students build an awareness of these 9 traits in themselves and in others as they strive to build lifelong habits that build strong character and help make our world a better place.

The 9 Habits That Build Strong Middot:

  • Greeting others with a smile builds our KINDNESS
  • Saying please and thank you builds our GRATITUDE
  • Bouncing back from disappointments builds our RESILIENCE
  • Letting people finish what they’re saying builds our RESPECT
  • Cleaning up our messes and fixing our mistakes builds our RESPONSIBILITY
  • Taking slow, calming breaths builds our SELF-CONTROL
  • Trying again and again builds our PERSEVERANCE
  • Noticing small details builds our CURIOSITY
  • Doing the right thing when no-one is watching builds our INTEGRITY