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Virtual After-School Clubs


Our after-school enrichment clubs offer virtual sessions throughout the year for students interested in engaging with additional subject areas. Classes will vary from session to session and will incorporate a variety of options such as the arts, athletics and science. Examples include (but are not limited to) chess, tennis, swimming, coding, Lego engineering, photography, creative writing, drama and music. The cost of the after school clubs vary (see below).

In line with the OHDS educational philosophy, our focus is on the whole child, which is why we offer students a variety of programming to choose from – engaging all parts of their creative minds.

There are no after-school school clubs on Fridays or when there is a holiday. Please check our calendar for these dates.

Art Club
Grades K-5
Tuesdays, 4-5 p.m.

Fall: 9/15-12/15: $240
Winter:1/5-5/25 $310

Students will explore different art mediums such as drawing, collage, and sculpture. They will get creative with different found materials in the home and explore drawing and design techniques. Capped at 12 students; minimum 6 to run.

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Cooking Club
Grades 3rd-8th grades
Tuesdays, 4-5 p.m.

Winter: 1/12-3/16 $187

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Kid chefs will learn cooking techniques, how to properly use kitchen tools, and to read/cook a new recipe every week. Culinary Kids Academy has taught in public and private schools for the past 20 years in Los Angeles, and is excited to extend our into the Bay Area this fall. All recipes are vegetarian/pareve. For the safety of our students, we recommend adult supervision; recipe provided a week before each class.

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Kalla’s Dancers
Grades K-5
Mondays, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Fall: 9/14-12/14: $200
Winter: 1/4-5/24: $240

Click HERE for a video of Ms. Kalla dancing!

Dancers will explore rhythm and movement through traditional ballet technique, jazz and modern dance styles. We will learn and practice the foundational skills of dance including, turns, jumps, lyrical dancing and choreography. Ms. Kalla is a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer, and has been a dancer for more than 15 years studying ballet, jazz and modern/contemporary dance. Capped at 9 students; minimum 6 to run.

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Magic Club
Grades 2-8
Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Dates and Cost TBA
*Deadline TBA, so Mr. Scott can send your magic kit in time for the first class!

Using the Discover Magic Curriculum, designed to use magic as a tool to build communication skills in children, students will learn magic that develops fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, STEM understanding and much more. Instructor Brian Scott has been performing for the past 30 years for family audiences all across the country. Brian lives in Richmond with his wife and son, 11 chickens, 50,000 bees, two dogs and a cat.

In this club, OHDS students will join students from around the Bay Area. Capped at ~ 15 students; minimum 8 students to run.

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Parkour (and more programs with Kids 'N Dance)
Dates and prices on the site

In parkour, students will learn to safely fall, run, jump, climb, and vault and solve puzzles. The class features a combination of gymnastics, track & field, and martial arts. Students learn and practice skilled movements that help them efficiently pass over, climb, and jump.  Students will be challenged to "think outside of the box" while having fun and staying fit!  Special emphasis is placed on technique for both safety and style of the skill.

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Piano Lessons
Grades 2-8
Flexible Scheduling

Ms. Norma Bristol and Ms. Emma Boss return to offer their very popular individual piano lessons via Zoom, which will include the basics of note reading, piano technique and music theory through traditional teaching materials, such as the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures books. Thirty 30-minute lessons meet once per week over the course of the year. A piano or full-sized keyboard in the home is a requirement. Students can participate in recitals and enroll in the Certificate of Merit program.

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