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After School Clubs & Aftercare


Our after-school enrichment clubs (or chugim) offer sessions throughout the year for students interested in engaging with additional subject areas. Classes will vary from session to session and will incorporate a variety of options such as the arts, athletics and science. Examples include (but are not limited to) chess, tennis, swimming, coding, Lego engineering, photography, creative writing, drama and music.

In line with the OHDS educational philosophy, our focus is on the whole child, which is why we offer students a variety of programming to choose from – engaging all parts of their creative minds.

We also offer our aftercare program, for students to enjoy unstructured, supervised play time both indoors and outdoors. Older students can also focus on their homework assignments during this time. Please note that there are no refunds for after-school clubs after the second session.

Our aftercare program offers a snack and time for supervised play with our wonderful bnot sherut. Aftercare is offered Monday-Thursday from dismissal until 5:30 p.m. Register here for aftercare. 


* All classes run until 5:15 p.m, unless otherwise noted in course descriptions.


Judo & Kung Fu
Grades 4-8
This class will combine two styles: judo, a Japanese martial art known as the gentle or yielding way, which involves learning to roll, fall, grapple, throw and pin each other to the mat, and kung fu, a Chinese martial art, which teaches students to punch, kick and block. This class is for students who want to have fun but be serious, with a focus on safety, discipline and respect. Sensei Aaron Kenin has competed nationally and on the Princeton Judo Team, and currently teaches at the Oakland Judo Club.

Fall Session: 10/8-12/17
 No class 10/22 due to conferences.

Winter Session: 1/7-5/20
  No class 2/4 due to conferences.


Writer’s Workshop with Writopia
Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8
Writopia Lab is coming to Oakland Hebrew Day School to run two special weekly writer’s workshops: one for 3rd-5th graders and one for 6th-8th graders. During the semester, writers develop, write, and complete their own original short stories, plays, graphic novels, and/or poetry, exploring core elements of plot, key literary tools, and mechanics of a coherent story. Our safe-space workshop creates an inclusive environment that empowers young people to find their writing voices and to ultimately become confident, fluid writers. Workshops have a maximum of eight participants, but needs six students to run. Sessions are peppered with original and fun writing exercises, but focus primarily on writing—and completing—stories.

Writopia writers immediately become a part of a larger writing community in Oakland, the Bay Area, and the US. We encourage (and help prepare) all of our writers to publish their work in our online magazines The Parenthetical (kids) or The Ellipsis (teens). We will also share a robust and monthly-curated list of other submissions opportunities, if writers are interested. All writers will have the opportunity to participate in our end-of-term readings, our Family Poetry Hikes, Author’s Corner Book Clubs, and the Worldwide Plays Festival.

Fall Session: 10/8-12/17
No class 10/22 due to conferences.
Winter Session: 1/7-4/8
No class 2/4 due to conferences.


Art Club: Art Exploration
Grades K-5
Join Ms. Esther  in the art room for a year of art exploration! Art Club is an opportunity for students to work in a fun and relaxed environment to explore their creative ideas and talents. Session topics may include painting, sculpture, drawing, jewelry making, sewing, recycled art, and origami, just to name a few. We will look at the world around us and brainstorm ways that we can turn everyday materials that usually go to waste into works of art. Use newspaper and milk gallons to make masks! Turn three pieces of cardboard into the structure of a room and use a variety of materials to create a dream room! Make your favorite person a necklace or friendship bracelet! The possibilities are endless and there is much creative fun to be had!

Fall Session: 10/9-12/18 $150
 No class 10/23 for conferences & 12/4 due to Maccabiah.
Winter Session: 1/8-5/28 $290
 No class 2/5 for conferences.


Spring Swim
Two classes: Beginner and Intermediate. Each class needs a minimum of six children to run, with a cap of 8 students per class.

Please join us for swim lessons at the Oakland Hills Tennis Club. The program is based in foundational basics that are essential for swimmers of all ages and levels. Proper technique, body positioning, and an understanding of the difference between lift and drag will create greater confidence and skill in the water.   All of these ideas will be reinforced through the application of fun drills that students can and will continue to enjoy/utilize on their own time. Our swimmers will meet at OHDS aftercare for a snack, then be shuttled across the street for their 45-minute class. Classes end at 5:15 p.m. sharp. Parents are responsible for picking up their children at the tennis courts at Oakland Hills Tennis Club.

Spring Session: 3/12-5/28


Chess Club
Grades 1-8
Come develop your strategy and enjoyment of the king of games! Lessons and play combine the skills of thinking and creativity with the thrill of sport. Classes include 20 minutes of instruction with returning instructor Bryon Doyle from the Berkeley Chess School, with the remaining time set aside for play.

Fall Session: 10/3-12/19 $150
Winter Session: 1/9-5/22 $235
 No class on early dismissal Wednesdays.


OHDS Musical
Grades 4-8
Grade 3 is eligible for the ensemble.
Cast members will learn their lines and how to work as a team, as well as all the elements of stagecraft in this fun, fanciful production of the annual OHDS musical (title to be announced in September). Our director will lead the group to put on an amazing production at the final performance on Sunday, March 10, at 4 p.m. *Rehearsals end at 5:30 p.m.

Dates: 10/10-2/27. Tech Week 3/5-3/7.  Final performance 3/10.
Possible extra Sunday rehearsals 2/10 and 2/24.


Mr. Jackson’s Hackers
Grades 3-8
Mr. Jackson’s Hackers is more than just a club to learn computer programming through fun and engaging games; students will also explore the basics of computer hardware, play with making and editing movies, learn to program a Sphero robot, and even learn how to model and create using a 3D printer.

Fall Session: 10/4-12/20 $180
Winter Session: 1/10-5/23 $275
 No class 3/21 for Purim early dismissal.


Piano Lessons
Beginner to Advanced
Mrs. Norma Bristol is offering on-site, individual piano lessons, which will include the basics of note reading, piano technique and music theory through traditional teaching materials, such as the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures books. Twenty-eight lessons meet once per week for 30 minutes ($44 per lesson) over the course of the year. A piano or full-sized keyboard in the home is a requirement. Mrs. Bristol has been teaching in Walnut Creek and Oakland since 1988 and runs the Instrumental Music Program. Students can participate in recitals and enroll in the Certificate of Merit program. Please contact Mrs. Bristol for further information:

Four time-slots available. When registering, please specify which time slot you prefer: 3:30 (for a K-2 student), 4, 4:30 or 5. First come, first served.

Annual: 10/4-5/23 $1,330
 No class 3/21 for Purim.


Eagles Basketball
Grades 6-8
Join our fantastic OHDS Eagles middle school basketball teams. Coach Grace will lead a boys team and a girls team in twice-weekly practices, and to games at neighboring schools.

Boys’ practice on Mondays. Girls’ practice on Thursdays; Tuesday and Wednesday are open to both.
Players must attend two practices per week. Practice ends at 5:15 p.m.

Dates: November-March

Ultimate Frisbee
Grades 6-8
Join our fantastic co-ed OHDS Eagles middle school ultimate frisbee team. Our coaches will lead the team in weekly practice and games in the Oakland Ultimate league. Practice and game days TBD.

Dates: March-May
$250 (includes $95 registration with Oakland Ultimate)