Maccabiah Madness!

Maccabbiah is a fun day of Chanukah-themed color wars dedicated to building community and school spirit. All K-8 students are divided into two teams (bridge kindergarten students are the rainbow team) and given a specific color to come to school in that day - either cool colors or warm colors depending on their team. The Middle School students plan and lead different activities throughout the day for all the students to engage in - from art to Torah to relay races - and the older kids take the younger ones under their wing. Throughout the day, points are assigned to each team. At the end of the day the school gathers for one final school spirit knock-out round and the winning team is announced. This year team Chozek won.
Not only is Maccabiah so much fun, but it is also a day to build critical social and emotional skills. These important life-lessons include:
  1. How to be part of a group
  2. How to lead a group towards a common goal
  3. How to prioritize the group's needs over individual desires
  4. How to stay positive despite setbacks
  5. How to be a graceful winner and resilient loser
The middle school students decided that the day following Maccabbiah would be "Opposition Team Color Day" - all the students dressed in their opposing team's colors to celebrate community and friendship.