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Welcome to the OHDS Parent Association

IMG_0073-1024x682Oakland Hebrew Day School has a dynamic Parent Association whose purpose is to create a positive school community. In addition to our parent co-chairs, we have many volunteers – parents, grandparents and friends – who enrich our children’s school experience and support our faculty and staff in meaningful ways.

Each year, parents contribute a nominal amount to our Parent Association, which allows them to offer a variety of programs.

  • Spaghetti Lunch: Three times during the school year, parents come together to cook and serve a delicious spaghetti lunch for all our students, faculty and staff, who enjoy a “trattoria-style” atmosphere while schmoozing with parents and friends. This event is always a big success and anticipated with much excitement by the students. It is an important way in which we role model the value of community and chesed.
  • Teacher Appreciation: Gratitude is an important character trait (middah) at OHDS! Our dedicated teachers work hard during the year to bring our students the most engaging and meaningful educational experiences, from the moment they walk into school in the mornings. Our Parent Association provides ongoing gestures and small gifts of thanks to faculty during the year, culminating in Teacher Appreciation Week in May.
  • Parent Education: We have a special Parent Education Committee who works with our Educational Leadership Team to present relevant topics of interest for our parents to enjoy. Our topics range from managing stress in children to positive parenting techniques and helping children to assert themselves. Our speakers include our own faculty, parents and community members with specialized areas of knowledge, and outside speakers and organizations such as KidPower and The Mosaic Project. Parent Education workshops are presented in the mornings and/or evenings to fit different parents’ schedules.
  • Social events: OHDS values family connection, so that both you and your child feel part of our welcoming and diverse community. Our Parent Association coordinates many different social opportunities during the year, from fun parent socials without the kids to relaxed family hikes and picnics.
  • Volunteering: OHDS thrives on our parents’ desire and commitment to provide the most enriching experience for our children. Parents, grandparents and friends come together in multiple ways to offer their time, skills and talents to our school community. Our many volunteers enjoy interacting with the children, faculty and other parents through school events, classroom engagement, field experiences, student fundraisers, and much more. Our Parent Association chairs help coordinate our wide range of volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Vered Links, Parent Association Co-Chair, at


What People Say

  • The essence of the education OHDS provides is brilliantly reflected in the character and values of its students and graduates. I can't imagine a better foundation from which to grow and succeed.

    Rochelle Shapell, Parent of two OHDS graduates and OHDS Founding Board Member

  • The OHDS dream unfolds daily through the lives of the school's students and teachers. Every moment at the school is an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow.

    Rabbi Yonatan Cohen, OHDS parent and Spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Israel

  • OHDS has become more than a school, it’s our community and neighborhood. The focus on educating the whole child carries over to an investment in the health and welfare of each child, family and staff member.

    Catherine Shachat, OHDS alumni parent and former OHDS Board of Directors President

  • I love the fact that my children begin each day with prayer, engage in deep Torah study, speak Hebrew like an Israeli, and receive an excellent secular education. We appreciate how OHDS embraces every child.

    Elissa Kittner, OHDS parent and President of the Board

  • More than just a school, OHDS is a family, where each student is seen as our crown jewel - each cultivating a personal, passionate and serious Jewish identity and a commitment to join the Jewish journey as life long learners.

    Rabbi Yonatan Cohen, OHDS parent and Spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Israel

  • Our children are learning their Judaism from the ground up. There is no ambivalence.

    Judy Chun, OHDS Parent

  • OHDS has already given my children a strong sense of themselves as Jews living Jewish lives. This is no small thing in the modern world.

    Jodi Tharan, former OHDS Parent

  • OHDS students are constantly exposed to the new ways of approaching a variety of subject matters. They are encouraged to think critically and really explore and understand the material that they are learning and the world around them.

    Leslie Edelman, Past President and current Board Member, OHDS parent

  • It's not just about love of Israel and learning Hebrew. Our Kindergartner now sings "G-d bless America" with the same enthusiasm as she does songs about "Apples and Honey" and is recognizing letters and words in both languages.

    Dan Cohen, Former President of the Board of Directors and parent of two OHDS students

  • OHDS is more than a school and more than a community to me. It is really a family. The teachers are so loving and caring. They want each child to succeed with a deep thought of benefiting the whole Jewish community.

    Adi Yaron Schaker, former OHDS Parent

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