OHDS students are offered a variety of specialty classes aimed at deepening their personal growth and appreciation for the world around them.

  • Our comprehensive Art Program combines the knowledge, imagination, and evaluative factors of creativity for a productive pattern of growth in perception, critical thinking, valuing, and art skills.
  • The Physical Education Program focuses on motor skills and movement knowledge, self-image and personal development, and social development.
  • The Library Program encourages our students to engage with a rich variety of literature, supports the educational programs of the school, and provides a setting for the guided development and practice of important research skills. Our Digital Citizenship curriculum is also an essential part of this program.
  • The Drama Program encourages our students to explore different ways to express themselves and collaborate with others through our yearly musical production. Students can opt for this program as an After School Club. This program supports our social-emotional curriculum.

What We Offer

The OHDS Art Program

All of the students at Oakland Hebrew Day School create amazing art works. Students plan, execute and document their unique art adventures.

The OHDS Art Studio offers students a “choice-based” program. Classes come to the Studio once weekly and individual students come, as desired, to the many “open studio” opportunities throughout the week. During the daily operation of the Studio, student artists:

  • Explore new media and techniques.
  • Discover the wonders of art history and the work of art masters.
  • Maintain an organized, clean work space/station.
  • Focus on their work.
  • Attempt to solve their own problems and collaborate with others to solve problems.
  • Practice procedures to ensure safety.
  • Stretch their perceptions of work product that they perceive are “good enough.”
  • Work with care and precision to achieve excellence.

OHDS students are given choice in their art process so that you will rarely see “class sets” of art displays. Students display work when it is completed; everyone works at a different pace and with different levels of complexity and sophistication.

Students each compile a large portfolio in which to keep their sketchbook, artwork in progress and completed artwork, throughout the school year. At the end of the year, every student reviews his/her body of work and selects 1 or 2 pieces for display in the Art Show.

Physical Education Program

The Physical Education program at OHDS provides all students with motor skill development, a healthy self-image as they grow and develop at their own individual rates, and social development to engender teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for others.

Motor Skills and Movement Knowledge: This involves understanding of how the body moves and what external forces affect that movement.

Self-Image and Personal Development: This focuses on the understanding that each person’s body develops and grows at different rates. This gives each student the acceptance and appreciation of individuality.

Social Development: Our emphasis is on learning to respect others, appreciating diversity in our society, and applying positive social norms and values. This reinforces the acceptance of fairness, equality, and working together toward a common goal.

Each grade is at a different stage of development. Here are some age-appropriate goals:


K-2nd grade – They will learn to perform simple motor skills while stationary and in movement. Walking, running, jumping, skipping, kicking, throwing, and catching are some of the skills we focus on at this stage. We encourage students to develop a positive self-image and attitude, a sense of teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Activities to enhance these skills include group games and relays that focus on skill and effort, rather than competition.


3-5th grade – They will learn volleying, dribbling various objects, rope jumping, and throwing and catching, while applying various forces. Activities to improve these skills include group games along with individual skill games to promote growth and development. Students will participate in exercises and stretching to enhance their physical fitness.

6-8th grade – 
Students will learn that teamwork and participation in games and activities are key to reaching common goals. They will focus more on the development of skills to increase success in games. Students will work to increase speed, stamina, strength, accuracy and overall fitness level. Students will participate in physical-related tests throughout the year.

Library Program

The Oakland Hebrew Day School library supports the educational programs of the school and provides a setting for the guided development and practice of important research skills.

The library houses books, periodicals, audio-visual and electronic materials to support the OHDS curriculum and students’ interests. The library collection includes reference and research materials, popular fiction, Jewish fiction and nonfiction, and Hebrew literature. The library also has laptops to support students’ internet research. In conjunction with this, students learn about Digital Citizenship – navigating the internet safely and responsibly.

Students visit the library weekly to listen to stories, conduct research and select leisure reading materials. Students are also welcome to drop in to the library throughout the day to enjoy the library resources.

The library hosts a variety of programs throughout the year including an annual book fair, book groups, after school clubs, and reading incentive programs.

Drama Program