Israel Education

At OHDS, Israel Education means immersing students in both academic and experiential learning of the language, history, and cultural diversity of the land and people of Israel. The starting point of these studies is the Torah and Jewish heritage as the origin and foundation of our connection to Israel.

Our goal is to foster a sense of responsibility to the State of Israel that is both grounded in broad-based knowledge and fueled by a deep and authentic emotional connection. Ultimately, this kind of comprehensive Israel education is integral to nurturing in each student a well-rounded and proud Jewish identity, as well as to motivating students to contribute to Israel’s continuing evolution and future as a center of the Jewish People.


  1. The diversity inherent in Israeli culture constitutes both a strength and a challenge for the State of Israel.
  2. The Hebrew language is central to the Jewish people.
  3. As Jews, we are engaged with and have responsibility for the Jewish world.
  4. The study of Israel enriches our understanding of the Torah.
  5. The study of Israel strengthens our connection to our heritage and to the Jewish world today.
  6. There is an inherent, traditional connection between the Jewish people and Israel.
  7. Jewish political sovereignty has engendered new challenges and responsibilities for the Jewish people.
  8. Israel had and continues to have a significant impact on the lives of Jews around the world.
  9. Our engagement with the ideals, values and beliefs of the Jewish people gives us the power and insight to help Israel live into its potential.