How does a dual curriculum and second language acquisition help enhance my child’s brain development?

OHDS offers an unsurpassed education experience. By providing a rich text-based Judaic Studies curriculum, students are constantly applying critical thinking skills when dissecting, research, debating and processing the ancient literature of our people. These skills used in Judaic studies not only support, but enhance, their overall academic experience in general studies. Furthermore, students are exposed to parallel subjects in two languages. For example, when students are studying the ancient Egyptian civilization in social studies, they are simultaneously studying the Jewish exodus from Egypt in Talmudic Studies with Hebrew text. OHDS graduates are able to process information in a deep way. They have the tools to think critically, ask meaningful questions and find ways to apply their education in their everyday life.

Additionally, OHDS subscribes to the highest level of academic curriculum that is available in education. Singapore Math and Junior Great Books are examples of two top-rated academic programs that OHDS utilizes.

OHDS offers a high school preparatory program in middle school. The faculty continues to reevaluate what tools, skills, knowledge and experience are needed for our students to thrive in high school and beyond. The vast majority of OHDS graduates matriculate onto top academic private high schools in the Bay Area.


What kind of student/ family diversity will we find at OHDS?

OHDS is a Modern Orthodox school, and there are many families with different Jewish observances, practices and traditions. Our community includes families from a broad spectrum of Jewish backgrounds and practices, including Reform, Renewal, Conservative and Modern Orthodox. Furthermore, diversity is found in the different family make-ups represented. Offering an inclusive and welcoming community is a priority at OHDS.


In addition to the dual curriculum, what specialty classes are offered to OHDS students?

OHDS offers specialty classes that are taught by specialists in their fields. The specialty classes include Art, Physical Education, and Library. To read more about each specialty class, click here.


What is the school’s approach to Israel Education?

OHDS views Israel education as providing each student with a foundation and context for Jewish study and practice that deepens their Jewish identity. Our students’ emotional and intellectual connection to their heritage, their people and the Torah is nurtured and enhanced by the in-depth study of Israel’s diverse culture, history and the Hebrew language. Likewise the study of Hebrew should be informed and enriched by knowledge of that heritage. This connection lays the foundation for its’ graduates active involvement with the Jewish world and their sense of responsibility for that world with Israel in a central place. Furthermore, our graduates should appreciate the responsibilities that a sovereign Jewish state, based on the ethical demands of the Jewish heritage, places on Jews everywhere.


What kind of tuition assistance does the school offer?

We appreciate the long-term investment that parents make in choosing to give their children the gift of a Jewish education. We know that each family is doing everything possible to make a meaningful contribution towards tuition and appreciate that families often make significant sacrifices to do so. We also recognize that some parents may need more financial options to help make the exceptional OHDS education as accessible as possible.

OHDS offers a Flexible Tuition Program designed to help make a Jewish education accessible to all qualifying families. OHDS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in its financial aid program. OHDS is committed to socio-economic diversity among our students. Flexible Tuition decisions are made independently of admissions decisions and in no way affect an applicant’s chances for admissions.


Does OHDS offer before and after care for students?

Students can be dropped off as early as 8 a.m. The school offers supervised play from 8-8:20 a.m.

The After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) is offered Monday -Thursday until 5:30 PM. Class selection varies from session to session and will incorporate all areas of the arts (performance, dance, music, and studio arts), athletics and science. Examples include (but are not limited to): Studio Arts, Drama, Chess, Robotics, Photography, Guitar, Chorus, Yoga, Creative Writing, Tennis, and Lego Engineering.

In line with the OHDS educational philosophy, our focus is on the whole child, which is why we offer students a variety of programming to choose from – engaging all parts of their creative minds.

Additional fees apply for each after-school class. Partial scholarships are available for working parents, based on the need of the individual family. For more details, click here.