Meet the Admin Team

Tania Schweig

Head of School

“I love a child’s honesty. I love their genuine response to new insights. I never grow tired of watching the transition from struggle to mastery. Witnessing this process opens my heart and brings tears to my eyes, even after all of these years.”

HaMorah Tania has her B.A. in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a masters of education and teaching credential from the University of San Francisco. She also attended a post-graduate year of study at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. She has served as OHDS’ general studies director for six years, its resource specialist for 11 years before that, and is the current incoming head of school. Tania loves to camp with her family, hike in beautiful places and to dance.

Bat Sheva Miller

Assistant Head of School

“Education is a transformative process. It provides the individual and the community the opportunity to explore, create, take risks, err and repair. It has the potential to heal communities small and large, and slowly help shrink away ignorance and fear.”

HaMorah Bat Sheva has worked at OHDS for 20 years, teaching every grade from 1st through 8th. Before that, she worked as a teacher-mentor at Hickman Charter School, supporting home school families, and at Skyline High School in Oakland, as a special-needs classroom teacher. Before coming to the United States, she ran a small drama group and worked as a preschool teacher in Israel. In Brazil, she worked as a journalist for four years before making aliyah. HaMorah Bat Sheva holds a B.A. in journalism from a university in Brazil, and an M.A. in special education from San Francisco State University. She is currently in the M.A. program in Jewish Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. HaMorah Bath Sheva enjoys music, cinema and photography. Her favorite day of the week is Shabbat.

Philippa Lichterman

Admissions Director

“I love that our school can provide the deep and rich Jewish educational experiences our kids need to make the choices we dream for them – the choice to become Jewish leaders and change the world.”

Philippa began her career at OHDS as a teaching assistant. Before that, she worked at Brandeis Hillel Day School in San Francisco, and as a social worker at Jewish Family & Children’s Services in San Francisco and at Shalom Park Nursing Home in Denver Colorado. Philippa holds her masters in education and bachelors of social work, and a day school leadership in teaching fellowship. A few of Philippa’s favorite things are ballet, hiking and African safaris.

Andy Wasserman

Chief Financial Officer

“I love walking through the halls and hearing the children saying birkat hamazon, the Amidah, and the many prayers they learn. It brings a huge smile to my face.”

Andy comes to OHDS with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and an M.B.A., both from MIT, and more than 30 years as the CFO for both profit and nonprofit organizations, including four years at the Jewish Community Foundation-Federation of the East Bay. Andy gardens, cooks (often with the harvest from his garden) and plays in bridge tournaments.

Betsy Ringrose

Director of Development

“Watching kids grow, and seeing them bloom over the years as they learn and develop is both exciting and extraordinary. Being a part of that growth, and helping secure the resources to make it happen, is truly special.”

Betsy brings 20 years of development experience in education settings — at U.C. Berkeley, Head Royce and the Carondelet High School in Concord — to OHDS, running campaigns that built vigorous annual funds, lasting endowment campaigns, and large capital campaigns to create essential new spaces for teaching and learning. Betsy has her undergraduate and master’s degree in anthropology, and professional graduate certificate in museum studies from John F. Kennedy University. Betsy’s favorite pastimes include knitting, botany and landscape architecture, visiting museums, hiking, biking and spending time with her husband, Ed, her dog and two parrots.

Tamara Leider

Front Office Manager

“I believe that all children are trying to tell us something, either through what they say or through their behavior, and that it’s up to us to slow down enough to listen, so that we can truly hear and see them.”

Tamara has her M.S. from the Columbia School of Journalism and an English degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She was a newspaper reporter before choosing to stay home with her three sons when they were young (now all in the middle school at OHDS). She joined the front office team in 2014. Originally from the midwest, Tamara enjoys hiking with her husband, reading and cooking Indian food.

Ruth Wiseman

Business Office Associate

“It is energizing to be in an educational setting and witness the children’s enthusiasm for discovering and engaging with new ideas, other people, and different cultures.”

Ruth has her B.A. in economics and Russian from the University of California, Davis, and has worked for nonprofits, such as Jewish Family and Children’s Services, and in for-profit ventures, including Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and PNC Bank. Ruth writes children’s stories, hikes, dances, reads, rescues animals and spends time with her family in her free time.

Jill Blakemore

Office Associate

“I am a firm believer in project-based learning. For concepts to be truly understood, not just memorized, they must be put into practice. That is when true understanding occurs and can be evaluated.”

Ms. Blakemore taught for 36 years, working with students from first grade through high school, before starting a second career in the front office at OHDS. She holds her bachelor of arts in history and religious studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In her free time, Ms. Blakemore plays with her two cats and two dogs, gardens and reads mysteries (preferably while sitting in the sun).