Educational Philosophy

The OHDS Hashkafa — Our Philosophy

As a modern Orthodox day school serving the entire Bay Area Jewish community, Oakland Hebrew Day School sustains the following vision:

Engagement as Our Focus
As we educate our students to be knowledgeable and proud of who they are and where they came from, we inspire them to engage in a great world that enriches their intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic identities.

Coeducation as A Cornerstone
Our young women and men, together, are participants in rigorous and academic Torah and general study, prayer groups, and leadership opportunities.

Israel at Our Core
Through the celebration of holidays, the study of current events, music, art, history and community action, our students connect to the State of Israel educationally, spiritually and emotionally.

“The OHDS dream unfolds daily through the lives of the school’s students and teachers. Every moment at the school is an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. Indeed, the OHDS community is nourished regularly by the school’s integrative approach to Torah and general studies as well as its deep commitment to serve the entire Jewish community while maintaining a wholehearted loyalty to our tradition and our mitzvoth. More than just a school, OHDS is a family, where each student is seen as our crown jewel – each cultivating a personal, passionate and serious Jewish identity and a commitment to join the Jewish journey as life long learners.”