About Us


What began as a group of Kindergarten students in one room of the former Oakland/Piedmont Jewish Community Center in 1991, has today become an established and respected part of the East Bay Jewish educational landscape.

In 1994, OHDS opened its campus on Ridgeway Avenue in Oakland with a Kindergarten, first grade and a combined second and third grade. The community responded positively to this new choice in Jewish education through steadily increasing enrollment figures.

In the winter of 1997, the school expanded to include a thriving middle school and by 1998 our Ridgeway Avenue location was “bursting at the seams”. Our only choice was to acquire a new location large enough to accommodate our current and future growth. Thanks to the generosity of our community, our new Redwood Road campus opened in September 2003.

OHDS families span the spectrum of affiliation and observance. We are an inclusive community that prides itself on making every Jewish family feel welcome. The quilt of our community is woven with tradition, heritage and a common goal to provide our students with a superior Jewish education.

An OHDS education includes academic excellence in Math, Science, Literature and Social Studies, as well as deep study of Torah, Hebrew language, Jewish History and our homeland Israel. Our focus is on the needs of the whole child. To this end, the Specialties—Art, Physical Education, Computers, Drama and Library—are also an important part of the OHDS education.

OHDS is deeply committed to providing a Jewish education to every family that seeks one. Every year, the Board and development committee raise a minimum of $750,000 from donors committed to our school. This in combination with a variety of funds and investments support of the long-term sustainability and excellence of OHDS. Our goal is to support student scholarships, faculty professional development, academic excellence and innovative programs, technology, facilities, and to secure the long-term financial stability of the school.